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Fabrik Potsdam 2018

In an artistic framework, Dina Sennhauser explored the physical symptoms and treatment of hysteria, today Histrionic Personality Disorder. Accompanied by The Great Theater of Charcot as well as the contemporary educational program Youtube Tutorial, Dina, Audrey,Amit and Joannis dealt with the condition of social oppression and the associated behavioral patterns in a performative event.

Guided by the format of a Youtube Tutorial, the audience was presented how to apply hysteria briefly, quickly, free of charge and at any time in our everyday life and then escape from it again.

Hyteria Tutorial focuses on the entertainment factor of a display of a seemingly uncontrolled exposure of weakness and shame of the female and its treatment. Due to the fact that the illustration and treatment of a social disease such as hysteria offered such a great entertainment factor, Dina settled for a cynical, humorous and contemporary restaging of Charcot's great theater.

DinaSennhauser, Choreographer

Choreography: Dina Sennhauser

Perfromance: Audrey Burden, Amit Abend, Joannis Mitsos

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