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Berlin 2019

Choreographer: Dina Sennhauser

Performance: Josephine Auffray , Brad Nath

Dramaturgy: Leonie Adam

Mentoring: Anja Streiter

Technique/ Lighting Design: Andreas Harder

A dialogue that determines the composition of the performance. A debate, taking care to create an exciting play. Both performers play together with the aim of creating a good composition for the Performance.

Per Forma is a performance of two personalities who represent themselves through their abstracted and decontextualized patterns of behavior and movement. In the course of the performance, both go through their own cycle with their own elaborated material. The simultaneous treatment of their cycle challenges them again and again how to deal with the other. The decision of if and when is at the discretion of the performers. The only thing that connects them are the parallels and differences, deviations and similarities of their cycles and the possibility to respond to the other cycle under certain conditions. These are the best conditions for borderline gray areas and playful as well as provocative or delimiting actions, reminiscent of our everyday life. All actions are based on communication and non-communication.

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